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How to patch 2 products of

Friday, September 12, 2008

Assalamu alaikum...

there are 2 products from have just patched by Pitung :)
Those software have similar algorithm of protection, that's why once you get the correct way, you will never lost :)

Those software could be downloaded here:
Lutfiansoft POS Standard 5.7:

Lutfiansoft AppCell 6.0:

I just show you how to patch 1 of them, but i'm sure you can use the same way to patch another one. My nice tuts could be downloaded here:

Please always remember, don't ever abuse my knowledge to any illegal purpose!!!
Cracking just for Fun and knowledge...

Thanks to: ANTCODE for the installers...

Note: you can also find cracked file in the internet, but my opinion is use your own brain to create it.


Maz-V said...

Mas itu untuk Translator XP Pro yang Second Edition ato First Edition??

Bang Pitung said...

Sorry br bales,

gw gak tau euy, dah diuninstall. tp kalo sampeyan punya installernya, boleh donk share yg 2nd editionnya.

kalo gw bisa tembusin proteksinya, gw share deh.. or private buat lu ama gw doank bro :)

thanks in advance

Dian said...

bang tutornya bisa kirim ke kastux@hotmail .... link nya dah mati

blogku said...

kalo lutfian POS 1.0 enterprise ada gak???

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